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  • This script allows you to use a Zebra 1×4 printer to print LTO labels. This is much cheaper than buying preprinted label paper

  • This script takes a MS Access database dump and runs transformations on it to allow it to be imported in to older PSQL (8.4)

  • This script is ran on a DFS replication server to restore deleted files from the Conflict and Deleted staging space

  • This script is designed to run on Windows and scan a /24. After it scans, it uses WMI to connect to Windows domain computers and collect installed software information, which is then dumped in to sqlite.

  • This script formats an external hard drive to be used with Yosemite backup

  • This script uses the functions found here to check replication backlog with Postgres 9.1 streaming replication. This script can be used standalone or with Zenoss

  • This script checks the default route and sends an email/log the event. This is useful for multi-homed Linux servers running a routing protocol.

  • This script pings an IP and restarts OpenVPN if the pings fail.
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