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 +==== jnxPowerSupplyFailure ====
 +  * This transform takes jnxPowerSupplyFailure traps and maps them to the Power Supply object supplied by the Juniper community ZenPack
 +  * This trap should be installed under Events -> HW -> Power
 +  * [[Scripts:​Zenoss_Transforms:​jnxPowerSupplyFailure.trap|Link]]
 +This can be tested with the following command from JunOS. Please check [[https://​​mibs/​JUNIPER-MIB/​item.aspx?​id=jnxPowerSupplyFailure|here]] for specific information to use with this trap.
 +//request snmp spoof-trap jnxPowerSupplyFailure variable-bindings "​jnxContentsDescr = PEM\ 2, jnxOperatingState = 6"//
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