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Below are a list of tools for Windows that I don't want to forget about that could be useful in the future.


  • MobaXterm is a mRemote replacement and lets you consolidate RDP, SSH, VNC, etc sessions
  • Cost : Home edition is free, Professional edition is 49€


  • WinMTR is a windows version of MTR (My TraceRoute). It is useful for show pathing changes dynamically along paths
  • Cost : Free


  • Clumsy allows you to modify traffic on a Windows computer in real time without special libraries, permissions or userland TAP/TUN interfaces
  • Cost : Free


  • GNS3 is a network simulator for Cisco and Juniper switches, firewalls and routers.
  • Cost : Free


  • WinDirStat is a free program that visualizes hard drive usage.
  • Cost : Free


  • WizTree is a hard drive usage visualizer. It's main advantage over WinDirStat is that it talks directly to NTFS and runs much faster.
  • Cost : Free version with optional donation
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